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Congrats to Happy Cog!

Just wanted to give a nod to Jeffrey Zeldman and the expansion of Happy Cog.

I do admit that I kinda feel like a fan-boy. Back in the days of starting to get into Web Development (and design, to some extent), I started reading The Daily Report on, well, a daily basis. After realizing that the Web was where I wanted to spend all of my professional / career time, I really turned to all of the great things and content Jeffrey had created for guidance – as I’m sure a lot of those in Web design / development have and continue to do.

In fact, I remember the day the Happy Cog site was launched.

Kudos, guys. You have done, and will continue to do, stellar work, and help lead us to outstanding online destinations that actually worry about the user – not convoluted interfaces that make me queasy.

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